Omega Green Acne Therapy


Solve acne troubles with this Korean skin therapy set using natural chlorophyll and chlorella extract from seaweed and is safe without any side effects. It effectively gets rid of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples and immediately calms down redness, swelling and inflammation from acne. With the combination of derma roller and photo-dynamic LED light, sebum production after the treatment is significantly reduced with satisfactory results.


  • After make-up removal/cleansing, the unique omega green formulation is applied.
  • The effectiveness increases with the use of a microneedling dermaroller.
  • The rest of the formulation is applied and photo-dynamic light is used for 20 mins as the ingredients are photo sensitized to react to the light for acne treatment
  • The last PDT omega anti-acne mask is used with the PDT LED lght to soothe redness and provides extra healing benefits.


  • Some might experience slight pricking sensation on certain areas during needling.
  • Your skin is expected to feel less oily and improves in redness, inflammation and swelling.


  • Pores are visibly tighter and smaller
  • Improves mild depressed acne scars and post-acne hyper pigmentation
  • Helps regulating over active oil glands
  • Acne and blemishes lessen and diminish gradually with lesser recurrences.
  • Soothes and heals red and sensitive acne skin


  • An initial course of 3 – 6 treatments combined with extraction every 2 – 4 weeks is usually recommended to achieve maximum results.
    Subsequent maintenance shall be decided from outcome of final treatment.


  • Sunblock application and avoid direct sun exposure for at least 5 days
  • Avoid using lotion or cream as finishing product to prevent pores from clogging.


Men and women with sensitive and irritated acne-prone skin. After pore extraction for healing, calming, anti-redness and anti-swelling effects.  

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