Anti-Acne Toning Laser

  • Anti-Acne Toning Laser Half Face
  • Anti-Acne Toning Laser Full Face
  • Anti-Acne Toning Laser Half Back
  • Anti-Acne Toning Laser Full Back
  • Anti-Bacterial Acne Spot


A TOP Korean Acne Solution in Korea using an effective low-laser machine for the treatment of overproduction of sebum and active acne!

The 1450nm laser penetrates into the epidermis without damaging other body tissues, to deactivate the sebaceous glands using 5a-reductase. This stops DHT production and minimises the production of sebum, allowing for effective acne recovery. This means this aids in all kinds of acne including hormonal acne in teenagers or adults!

AccuToning treatment is quick and produces only mild pain, but allows for a quick recovery time. By effectively regulating sebum secretion after the laser treatment, the treatment greatly lowers the chance of recurring acne in the long term.


  • Normalize sebum secretion
  • Normalize keratosis in the follicle
  • Restore malfunction sebaceous glands
  • Destroys acne P.bacteria


  • No redness and no downtime
  • Will experience slight heat and stinging sensation
  • Inflamed acne will experience more pain
  • Intensity can be adjusted to suit comfort level


  • Reduction of sebaceous gland activity
  • Tighten pores due to collagen remodeling
  • Inflammatory acne healing time improved more than 2 times
  • Prevent the recurrence of acne


  • Recommended 2 – 3 times a week for 1 month followed by 1 time a week for effective results
  • Studies has shown no recurrence of acne with the following recommended treatment course


  • Use SPF and avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush toxins
  • Suitable products should be used for homecare


Acne-prone skin with black/whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, cysts and acne scars

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